Факультет биологии и биотехнологии КазНУ им. аль-Фараби

Student Fellowships of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU awarded on April 16, 2018

This year joint monetary fund of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics shared with 20 most motivated, actively working in research and internationally mobile students has reached 13 795 000 Tenges ($ 44 500). On 16 April Drs. Aitkazha Bigaliev, Nazgul Altybayeva and Zaure Aytasheva have announced and handed the awards listed below and corresponding certificates. At the ceremony in the directorate hall, two students were mentioned as the winners of international grants comprising 86% of the total awards sum granted by the sponsors and academia this year. Below is the list of the winners and their sponsors. Professor Galymkaiyr M.Mutanov, Rector of al-Farabi Kazakh National University has noticed that this example of granting student fellowships and travel grants may show that KazNU does belong to the range of socially responsible universities.


2018 Nominants and Awardees:
1 Zhansaya Essim, Biology, M.Sc.,2-nd year, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
2 Aliya Sultonova, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
3 Aidana Shagirova, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
4 Diana Koldasbayeva, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
5 Tatiana Abramyuk, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Assoc. Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Academician Gakash Z. Biyashev’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
6 Assel Mussa, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Assoc. Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Academician Gakash Z. Biyashev’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
7 Zhantuar Kumarbekov, Biology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Assoc. Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Academician Gakash Z. Biyashev’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
8 Nurzhan Omirbek, Biology, B.Sc., 3-rd year, Prof. A. Bigaliev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
9 Saule Zhangissina, Biology, M.Sc.,1-st year, Prof. N. Omirbekova, Department’s Fellowship, 120 000 TG
10 Sofia Yalysheva, Biology, M.Sc.,2-nd year, International Society for Infectious Diseases, International Grant, 2 275 000 TG ($ 7 000)
11Temurkhan Ayupov, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Erasmus Mundus Master Program in Plant Breeding (EmPlant), International Grant, 9 600 000 (€ 24 000)
12 Temurkhan Ayupov, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
13 Izzat Smekenov, Ph.D. course, 3-rd year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
14 Aigerim Kuanbay, Ph.D. course, 1-st year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
15 Umit Aliyaskarova, Biotechnology, M.Sc., 1-st year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
16 Marzhan Bakhtambayeva, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
17 Gulizza Rakhmatullayeva, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. A. Bissenbaev, Department’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
18 Gulmirra Shymyr, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 4-th year, Prof. Z. Aytasheva, Academician Murat Ajtkhozhin’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG
19 Iliya Kisselev, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 2-nd year, Prof. Z. Aytasheva and Ms. L. Lebedeva, Travel grant to Lomonosov 2018 International Young Scientists Conference, 100 000 TG
20 Aigerim Gani, Gaziza Zhumaliyeva, Biotechnology, B.Sc., 2-nd year, Prof. Kulziya Shulembayeva and Prof. Z. Aytasheva. Academician Nadezhda Udol’skaya’s Fellowship, 100 000 TG (50 000 TG each).



Communicated by Drs Amangeldy Bissenbaev, Zarema Biyasheva, Saule Kolumbayeva, Kulziya Shulembayeva, Erika Dzhangalina, Aitkazha Bigaliev, Nargul Omirbekova, Nazgul Altybayeva, Anna Lovinskaya, Lina Lebedeva, and Zaure Aytasheva

April 2018 “al-Farabi Alemi” Readings: Young Genetic Researchers Platform

On April 10, 2018 The Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, held the Section of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Ecology under the International al-Farabi Alemi Conference. The panel of the section was presented by Prof. Z. Aytasheva (Chairperson), Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Dr. Zh. Zhumabayeva, Dr. S. Dauletbayeva, Dr. E. Dzhangalina, Assoc. Prof. L. Ignatova, and Dr. A. Lovinskaya (Secretary). The section had considered 49 abstracts from 9 institutions, including 1 from Girne American University, Kyrenia, Cyprus, 2 from L.N. Gumilyov University, Astana, 3 from Kazakh Women’s Pedagogical University, Almaty, 1 from Abai National Pedagogical University, 1 from KazNAU, Almaty, and 41 abstracts from KazNU. 15 out of these 41 abstracts were submitted in collaboration with other educational establishements including Nazarbayev University, Astana, Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Aktau, Institite of General Genetics and Cytology, Almaty, Institute of Arable Farming and Crop Research, Almalybaq, Almaty Region, City Reproduction Center, Almaty, “Tree Gene” Genetic Laboratory, Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine, M.A. Ajtkhozhin Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and Institute of Biology and Biotechnology, KazNU, Almaty.
During the session of the Section of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Ecology the audience listened to 12 talks, including 10 reported by KazNU students and 2 from Women’s Pedagogical University, Almaty.
The panel has awarded:
1-st place, Ms. Aliya Sultonova, 4-th year, Biology, for the report on “The study of the laboratory mice germ cells under the action of unsymmetric dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and the extract of Inula britannica (family Compositae)”.
2-nd place, Ms. Ayghereem Kuanbai, 1 year of Ph.D. study, докторанту 1 курса Казахского национального университета имени аль-Фараби, for the report on: “Cloning of cDNA of polyADP-ribose polymerase 2 of Arabidopsis thaliana in E. cоli and charachteristics of polyADP-ribosylating activity of recombinant protein”.
Another 2-nd place diploma was handed to Ms. Diana Koldasbayeva, 4-th year student, Biology, for the report on: “The study on pollen grain sterility in the Mexican marigold, Tagetes erecta L. under the impact of Almaty ecological factors”.
3-rd place: Ms. Aidana Shagirova, 4-th year, Biology, “The study of genotoxic and antigenotoxic activities of sea-lavender, Limonium gmelinii (Willd.) O. Kuntze by Comet assay”.
3-rd place: Ms. Tatiana Abramyuk, 4-th year, Biology, “The study on the number of oncogenic polymorphisms for lung cancer in population of Kazakhstan”.
3-rd place: Ms. Afiza Umarova, 1 year of M.Sc. Study, Kazakh Women’s Pedagogical University, “The influence of sodium chloride on plants of sweet sorghum, Sorghum bicolor var. saccharatum Pers.
Incentive prize on behalf of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics “For adherence to experimental research” was established by the 1-st year M.Sc. Department’s students, which had returned from their trip by academic mobility from University of Pisa, Italy. This prize was delivered to Mr. Ruslan Mussabayev, 3-rd year, Biology, “Enhancement of protein translation in E. coli cells cultivated under different temperature regimes”.
The section has decided to:
i, mark quite high experimental level of the talks presented;
ii, emphasize participation of students from 9 institutions.
Participants have adopted the following resolution:
1. Confirm that all the tasks of the section were completed.
2. Emphasize the presence of certain errors in presentation titles, multiple authorships, and absence of academic style among some reporters.
3. Stress the necessity of participation of M.Sc. and D.Sc. fellows by means of organizing a separate section for them.
4. Point out lesser visibility of the presenters for conventional research schools (wheat genetics and breeding, fruit fly genetics, etc.).
5. Support development of research in fields of genetics, molecular biology and ecology.
6. Emphasize animated discussion raised by the panel members and at the same time the absence of skills and unwillingness to take part in scientific discussion displayed by young participants.
7. Acknowledge effective work oraganized by Dr. A. Lovinskaya, the secretary.
Participants have emphasized usefulness and scientific significance of the event which would promote new research ties and further prospects for inviting students and young scientists to next al-Farabi conferences arranged annually by KazNU in Almaty.



Communicated by  Prof. Z. Aytasheva, Dr. A. Lovinskaya, Prof. Z. Biyasheva, Prof. S. Kolumbayeva, Dr. E. Dzhangalina, and Dr. S. Dauletbayeva

April “Indian Spring 2018” at KazNU

Dr. Rajpal Singh, International University Coordinator, FOREIGNKAZ Speciality Services, and Dr. Mandeep Singh, Head of International Admissions, Chandigarh University, Ludhiana, India have visited the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics owing to International Education Exhibition 2018 in Almaty. This visit took place on Monday, April 9, 2018. Indian experts have expressed their strong adherence to principles of equal research and educational cooperation in fields of Biotechnology, Agriculture and Pharmacology. Such collaboration would provide, in their opinion, better agricultural crop yields, crop resistance to water scarcity, drought and biotic factors, modern training in biotechnology and pharmacology.
Chandigarh University (CU) is one of three best private universities of India. CU is known for more than 25,000 students taught on campus and 200 students admitted to Hitech Campus training, 1000 international students, 30 young researchers in the Center of Advanced Experience, over 300 foreign visiting scientists, faculties and experts in different fields of knowledge. CU is the member of IAU (International Association of Universities) and AIU (Association of Indian Universities).
Then after a short introduction to history and current achievements of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU, the guests have been given a lab tour to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Academician Amageldy Bissenbaev and Mr. Izzat Smekenov, pre-doctoral fellow), the Laboratory of Mutagenesis (Prof. Saule Kolumbayeva, Dr. Anna Lovinskaya), and Laboratory of Plant Genetics (Prof. Kulziya Shulembayeva and Dr. Zhanar Chunetova) to get acquainted with ongoing projects on DNA repair and perspective strains of yeasts and their mutants, gene toxicology effects on higher plants and rodents, chromosomal substitutions as elimination effects in soft wheat, current germplasms of beans and squashes and related experiments in progress.
Guests have offered the language foundation programme to the students and academia to be this summer (June-July 2018). This programme would include 7 days pre-orientation part in India, among the others also to allow to know more about multifaceted industry supporting CU, which is sponsored by Microsoft, Hyundai, Hewlett Packard, Tech Mahindra, Oracle, Allele Life Sciences and other strategic partners of CU.



Communicated by Drs Aijan Zhussupova, Saule Kolumbayeva, Sabira Taipakova, and Zaure Aytasheva

Мастер-класс «Разработка устойчивых образовательных программ на основании компетентностного и студентоцентрированного подхода к обучению и процесса анализа потребностей рынка труда»

6 апреля 2018 г. на факультете биологии и биотехнологии и.о. профессора кафедры молекулярной биологии и генетики Жумабаева Б.А. провела мастер-класс по теме «Разработка устойчивых образовательных программ на основании компетентностного и студентоцентрированного подхода к обучению и процесса анализа потребностей рынка труда»

Целью мастер-класса явилось формирование способности разрабатывать образовательные программы (ОП) на основе компетенций.


06.04.2018 г.

Подготовили: Ловинская А.В., Жумабаева Б.А.

Научный семинар от 06.04.2018 г.

Доклад Ялышевой С.

6 апреля 2018 г. на кафедре молекулярной биологии и генетики прошел научный семинар по теме "Распространенность эхинококкоза в мире и в Казахстане". Докладчик - С.Ялышева, магистрант 2 курса по специальности "Биология - 6М060700".

Участники семинара (преподаватели, магистранты и докторанты) приняли активное участие в обсуждении доклада.


06.04.2018 г.

Руководитель семинара: PhD, преподаватель Ловинская А.В.

Итоги Х Республиканской студенческой предметной олимпиады

В Казахском национальном университете имени аль-Фараби 28-29 марта состоялись Х Республиканская студенческая предметная олимпиада. На базе факультета биологии и биотехнологии прошли олимпиады по специальностям "Биология" и "Биотехнология". Участниками Олимпиады были студенты из Казахского национального университета им. аль-Фараби, Евразийского национального университета им. Л.Н.Гумилева, Казахского государственного женского педагогического университета, Международного казахско-турецкого университета им. Х.А.Яссави, Кокшетауский государственный университет им. Ш. Уалиханова, Павлодарский государственный университет им. С. Торайгырова и других ВУЗов Казахстана.

По специальности "Биология":
1 место - команда "Maximum" (Казахский национальный университет им. аль-Фараби, русское отделение).
2 место - команда "Four Realms" (Казахский национальный университет им. аль-Фараби, английское отделение)
3 место - команда "UniProt" Евразийский национальный университет им. Л.Н.Гумилева
3 место - команда "Биоритм" (Казахский национальный университет им. аль-Фараби, казахское отделение).

Поздравляем победителей!



Подготовили: Ловинская А.В., Лебедева Л.П.


Уважаемые студенты и молодые ученые!

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в работе в V-ой Международной конференции студентов и молодых ученых «Фараби «Әлемі», которая будет проходить 10-11 апреля 2018 г на факультете биологии и биотехнологии Казахского Национального университета им. аль-Фараби.

Для участия в конференции приглашаются студенты, магистранты, докторанты и молодые ученые.

Будем рады видеть Вас на конференции!


Секции конференции:

- Секция 1. Актуальные проблемы биологии и сохранения биоразнообразия. Секретарь секции 1 - Джумаханова Гаухар Бактияровна, e-mail: gauhar0109@gmail.com, тел.: +7 702 694 02 55

- Секция 2. Современные проблемы биофизики, физиологии и биомедицины. Секретарь секции 2 - Үсіпбек Ботагоз, e-mail: 119bota@gmail.com, тел.: +7 747 271 62 37

- Секция 3. Проблемы генетики, молекулярной биологии и экологии. Секретарь секции 3 - Ловинская Анна Владимировна, e-mail: annalovinska@rambler.ru, тел.: +7 705 612 45 45

- Секция 4. Проблемы современной биотехнологии. Секретарь секции 4 - Айсина Дана Евгеньевна, e-mail: dana.aisina03@gmail.com, тел.: +7 747 156 82 04


Рабочие языки конференции: казахский, русский, английский.

Форма участия: устный доклад, участие без доклада.

Материалы, поступившие в Оргкомитет, будут опубликованы в сборнике конференции, а также в Интернете на официальном сайте КазНУ.


Для участия необходимо:

- прислать текст тезиса согласно требованиям и регистрационную форму на адреса секретарям секций конференции до 12 марта 2018 г; 

- после получения от оргкомитета подтверждения о принятии статьи в течение 5 дней оплатить оргвзнос. 

От одного автора принимается не более трех тезисов.


Адрес оргкомитета конференции: Республика Казахстан, 050040, г. Алматы, пр. аль-Фараби, 71. Тел.: +7 (727)3773267 (внутр. 1161 – руководитель НИРС КазНУим. аль-Фараби Омиралиева Гауһар).

Председатель НИРС факультета Лебедева Лина Павловна, 

e-mail: lebedevaleena@gmail.com, тел.: +7 778 665 18 36

Председатель СМУ факультета Сыдыкбекова Райхан Конаевна, 

e-mail: Raihan.Sydykbekova@kaznu.kz, тел.: +7 707 850 57 54


Please, visit KazNU site www.kaznu.kz

Научный семинар от 09.02.2018 г.

Доклад Еренсіз Қ.

9 февраля 2018 г. на кафедре молекулярной биологии и генетики прошел научный семинар, в рамках которого магистранты специальности "Биотехнологии" (ГПИИР) докладывали о своей научной работе.

Участники семинара (преподаватели, магистранты и докторанты) приняли активное участие в обсуждении докладов.


Руководитель семинара, преподаватель, PhD Ловинская А.В.


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К 75-летию ученого-генетика, д.б.н., профессора Бигалиева Айтхажа Бигалиевича

25 января 2018 года на факультете биологии и биотехнологии КазНУ им. аль-Фараби прошла международная научно-практическая конференция "Актуальные проблемы экологической генетики и экспериментальной биологии", посвященной 75-летию ученого-генетика, доктора биологических наук, профессора Бигалиева Айтхажа Бигалиевича. 

Участниками конференции были ученые Казахстана, России, Израиля, США. В материалах конференции опубликовано более 80 тезисов.


Коллектив Кафедры молекулярной биологии и генетики Казахского Национального Университета им. аль-Фараби сердечно поздравляет Вас, замечательного казахстанского генетика с мировым уровнем, с юбилеем.

Желаем Вам, дорогой Айтхажа Бигалиевич, крепкого здоровья, новых открытий, монографий и учебников, преданных учеников и соратников.


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Promotion of biotechnological knowledge among young people

December 11th, 2017 at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology held an open lecture of a young scientist in the field of bioenergetics, PhD N. Berezhnoy on the topic: "Study of the adaptation of bacteria to butanol." N. Berezhnoy works at the Center for Environmental Engineering at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The meeting was held in order to familiarize the youth with the best scientific achievements in the field of bioenergetics. The idea of holding the seminar belongs to the director of the Research Institute of Problems of Biology and Biotechnology, Professor of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Academician of the NSA of Kazakhstan A. Bissenbaev. Nikolay Berezhnoy told the students about the work of an international group of scientists. These scientists are studying the problem of increasing the survival of bacteria in biofuels or intermediate biofuel products in the course of evolution. To this end, Dr. Berezhnoy and his team developed a special method for the natural evolution of bacteria. The lecture aroused great interest and questions among the youth. Nikolay Berezhnoy answered them in detail.

The importance of the educational component of this seminar is enormous. The invited expert is studying an urgent issue related to the active search for alternative energy sources. All this was reflected in the last seminar and gives impetus to young scientists to conduct experiments and to be saturated with new ideas and original ways of their realization.

Organizers of the event - prof. A.K. Bissenbaev and S.M. Taipakova.

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Published on December 12, 2017.

NU is searching for master studies applicantsamong KazNU undergraduates

Prof. Ivan Vorobyev, Acting Chair of the Department of Biology, School of Science and Technologies, Nazarbaev Univesity has arrived to the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, KazNU today to have a talk before the graduates of B.Sc, in Biology and Biotechnology. He invited our students to attend NU contest allowing to enter M.Sc. studies at the School of Science and Technology. It appeared that each of the applicants should get in touch with a would-be superviser out of the staff of that school to know more about current research and possibility to get hired in accordance with superviser’s ongoing project. This principle is used to determine overall number of potential cantidates for M.Sc. studies each year. In his presentation Professor Vorobyev has addressed the master programme supposed to last two years, includes classes of 6-9 students, four courses the first year of education, and two others in the second year. Graduates spend most of time in research labs. In addition, some useful courses of biology for undergraduates are offered for attending. Ph.D. programme lasts four years. Every student is given the opportunity to work with a personal supervisor. The first year of education there will be four courses, followed by experimental work on the PhD project at the second year of education. To meet all the requirements, Ph.D. fellow should publish at least 2 papers with the first authorship in the internationally reknowned journals (indexed in Scopus or Web of Science). Students (undergraduates with GPA not less than 3.00, graduate students without any threshold) which have been accepted as the authors or participants of internationally recognized research forums (ASCB, FEBS and etc.) may cover travel expenses with assistance of the School of Science and Technologies. Usually the number of conferences should not exceed one per annum. Whenever supervisors have research funding a student can be send for research internship abroad for 1-2 months collaboration.

Reported by Drs. S.M. Taipakova, A.K. Bissenbaev, A.A. Tokubaeva, and Z.G. Aytasheva

Published on November 28, 2017.

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Lecture on genomic fingerprinting

January 27, 2017. Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, al-Farabi Kazakh National University hosted Dr. Andrei Semikhodsky, known geneticist, expert in criminalistics, the author of books and textbooks. Dr. Semikhodsky has held 1.5 hr lecture to biology as biotechnology students of the 2-nd and 3-rd years of education interested in forensic medicine and criminalistics. His main topics were focused on personal experimental experience, basic advantages of DNA analysis and genomic fingerprinting in criminalistics, conventional and novel techniques used for malefactor’s identification, and related legal aspects. Then there has been half an hour Q&A session.


Communicated by L.P. Lebedeva, A.M. Kalimagambetov, and Z.G. Aytasheva

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Dear friends!

Below is the list of recent 2016 ASD webinars sent out to me by Dr. Natalie Engle, who knows of our corporative interest to these series of online events. Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, al-Farabi KazNU has also requested for 2017 schedule of webinars. It occurred that a new list is under compiling, and the first webinar is anticipated to start in February, 2017. It looks like new products in kind of versatile devices offered by the company may be successfully applied to a range of studies: viticultural spectroscopy, mountain field spectroscopy, earth remote sensing radiomentry, calculation of sky light sustainability, seed quality analysis and germplasm characteristics, fine soil and raw materials analyses, ancient Mars simulatory modeling research have been covered by the range of past webinars.

We wish every progress in this science-oriented business of ASD Inc. and its PANalytical activities, and are hoping for effective partnership in research and education with KazNU and specifically Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.


Dr. Z.G. Aytasheva

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Многоуважаемый Игорь Федорович!


Коллектив Кафедры молекулярной биологии и генетики Казахского Национального Университета им. аль-Фараби сердечно поздравляет Вас, замечательного российского генетика с мировым уровнем и соответствующей научной школой, с юбилеем.

Наша кафедра помнит Ваши лекции, приезды и рассказы о генетике и гормональной регуляции Bombix mori  еще в середине 70-х гг. прошлого века. В целом, благодаря приездам профессоров Владимира Николаевича Стегния и Леонида Владимировича Омельянчука, международным конференциям Сибирского Клуба имени Александра фон Гумбольдта, кафедра активно развивает свои сибирские контакты и продолжает генетический вектор исследований в усвоении полезных знаний, дискуссиях и «сверке образовательных часов». Ваш замечательный учебник по молекулярной генетике активно используется не только для подготовки бакалавров и магистров, но также для углубления знаний по узким областям современной генетики у докторантов кафедры. 

Желаем Вам, дорогой Игорь Федорович, крепкого здоровья, новых открытий, монографий и учебников, преданных учеников и соратников. Пусть факел сибирской науки, яркость горения которого определяется замечательными учеными, в том числе и лично Вами, продолжает освещать путь евразийской и мировой науки и образования. Пусть за пышностью слов стоят реальные достижения и настрой совершать научные и педагогические подвиги, без которых здесь и сейчас ничего сделать нельзя! Оставайтесь творцом, пионером и волонтером на этом непростом, но благородном пути!


От имени коллектива, зав. кафедрой молекулярной биологии и генетики КазНУ им. аль-Фараби,

Зауре Гайнетдиновна Айташева, д.б.н.. проф.

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Прошла защита наших докторантов Анны Ловинской  и Ботагоз Жолдыбаевой.

Мы поздравляем их и научных руководителей С.Ж. Колумбаеву, С.К. Абилева, А.К. Бисенбаева и М.К. Сапарбаева с блестящим успехом!


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